Sunday, October 16, 2005

Trip to the South Coast

13th and 14th of October we travelled to the NSW South Coast and stayed at the Ulladulla Guest House. On the way we stopped at Braidwood and had home made pasties at a cafe on Wallace Street. The pasties were good with the potatoes cooked but el dente, with plenty of filling and thin pastry.

As Ulladulla is a fishing port we decided we should have fish. On a previous visit we had seen someone eating a fish platter and it looked good. Unfortunately the restaurant where we had seen the dish had closed so we went to the second oldest restaurant in town on the assumption that something that has survived should be OK. Unfortunately we discovered that it was being closed and the owners were packing up after 25 years. When we had our meals we found out why they were closing. The fish was cooked in a microwave even though they promised they would be grilled. The wines we selected were unavailable and we had the alternate but at a higher price. The chips were soggy and the seafood - such as the oysters - were overcooked to the extent that they were only vaguely recognisable.

Next mornings breakfast at the Boardwalk was good. One of us had ham and the other salmon with hollandaise sauce and english muffins. The hollandaise was very "runny" but it tasted good and the breakfast was fresh and tasty. The fresh orange and ginger and apple and ginger drinks were excellent as was the coffee.

For lunch we visited Mogo and had an excellent lunch of haloumi salad with grilled pieces of haloumi, chick peas, butter lettuce, french beans, tomatoes with a lemon dressing. This was washed down with a fresh berry Lassi.


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