Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jervis Bay

This last week we went for a couple of days holiday to Jervis Bay. We ate lunch at the Huschissons RSL club which is a typical "pub or club" meal. One of the things we have noticed over the past couple of years is the enormous sized portions that restaurants like this now serve. We had small portions but they were still too large. We will start ordering one meal for two people and then I expect the meals are too large. It is no wonder that Australians are becoming obese.

The RSL club had a tremendous view and it was worth the price of the meal.

In the evening we ate at the much more upmarket SeaGrass restaurant. We had a good meal. One entree was Nashi Pears, blue cheese, walnets, rocket, prosciutto and vinagerette. The other was belly pork on mashed potatoes and smoked cod. One main wase steamed Dory with rice and soy zuccini. The other was glazed ham, layered pototoes and salad. As is often the case with restaurants how they handle a problem tells you a lot about the restaurant. The Dory was not cooked. The chef came out, saw it, whisked it away and replaced the dish with apologies. A little different from some other places we have been where the waiter might argue about whether it is cooked or not!

Saturday evening I cooked a stew for Justine and the children. Nothing fancy - just gravy beef, fresh tomatoes, herbs from the garden, chat potatoes, a few chillies, onions, garlic and carrots all cooked for several hours on a low heat.


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