Saturday, October 22, 2005

Farmer's Market

Saturday's Farmer's Market at the Exhibition Grounds in Canberra is a thriving relatively new market. I read recently that there are 300+ such markets around Australia. There is an online market place with a few of them - but not the one we go to.

This morning there were the favourites where I purchase apples and mandarins for the office. The goodies today were fresh tuna from Bateman's Bay, bean curd made locally, a local white sour dough, some broad beans, and a coffee grown on the Atherton Tablelands but roasted locally. It is interesting but we seem to prefer the vegies and fruit not to appear too perfect. I think we associate perfection with chemicals and we like to see a few blemishes in the Markets whereas in the supermarket we reject the spotted broad beans or the misshapen mandarins. The other attraction of the markets is that we often deal with the people who make or produce the goods and many of them are passionate about their wares.

This afternoon we had a late lunch at Babar's next to Electric Shadows. As usual there was too much food for one and we should have ordered one dish and shared it. The Beef and Guiness Pie with mashed potatoes was excellent but the club sandwich was nothing like a traditional American Club Sandwich which is served with thin bread, not a super abundance of filling and with smaller triangular sandwiches.


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