Thursday, February 16, 2006

Low GI Meals

We have started on a low GI regime. The main differences are no refined sugar including stopping eating prepared foods containing sugar, no potatoes, no regular bread or rice. Regular meals are pretty much the same. The objective is to get back to our weight when we were thirty.

Pork mince prepared with soy vermicilli, long beans and garden herbs. This is wrapped in lettuce leaves with a little fresh chilli sauce and eaten like a sandwich. Similar dishes are popular in Vietnamese Restaurants.

Roasted fresh tomatoes with roasted fresh chillis

Mixture of fresh vegetables from the garden with dried prawns and soy vermicilli. Served with a chilli sauce.

Daikon, Pork and red date soup. This is an incredibly sweet soup and quite delicious.

Zuccini chicken long beans and chilli stir fried.

Dry red wine with green salad and rissoles with home made tomato sauce served outside on the balcony.

Ling steamed with ginger

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Low calories - low fat

We decided to have a few days where we would cut down on our food intake. These were the meals.

Chicken beets and fresh beans.

Canned tuna, beets, cantelope and cauliflower.

Frankfurters, broccoli and carrots.

Friday, February 03, 2006


When you are faced with the production of half a dozen tomato plants it is not difficult to understand why we have so many ways of preserving food and it is no wonder that grain and animals became popular as foods. You keep your animals alive to preserve your food source and with grain it comes with its own packaging.

A cold tomato soup with cucumber pieces.

Tomatoes accompanied by garden greens and flat rice noodles

The only preserving we have done with our tomatoes is to recycle vegemite jars and fill them with a simple tomato sauce. Most of the rest of the crop have been eaten as fruit or in various salads and sauces.

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